We’ve loved hospitality for over 60 years

We believe in kindness and smiles

The Litoraneo Suite Hotel is the essence of all the people who work there and strive every day to make your holidays perfect, from when you get here to when you say goodbye.

The Toni Family has been taking care of the property since the 1960s, and invests in continuous renovations so that the Litoraneo Suite Hotel can always live up to contemporary welcoming standards.

Just like the grand renovation of our Rooms and Suites, occurred between 2019 and 2020, with a significant expansion of the Hotel and the creation of the exclusive last-floor attic: the Studio360. Patrizio, the Director, along with Daniela, Manuela, Giulia and Cristina Toni, supervises every detail to welcome you in an impeccable way every single time.